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Acceleration in FoodTech is programme for project development on the merge of gastronomy and technology aimed at providing new solutions for restaurants and food industry on the whole through the development of prospective startup teams, possessing such solutions. Acceleration will help experienced teams to enhance their product and scale it on the market.


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Start of the program

Autumn 2018


14 weeks



Share of Center for Entrepreneurship in business is 

up to 5%


  • dynamic 3,5 months program worth 20 000 USD;
  • 500+ hours of work: theory and practice;
  • P2P mentorship of key experts in the sphere (20+ mentors )for every team
  • working space at Sheptytsky Center
  • weekly consultations with the Center for Entrepreneurship team;
  • a lot of independent field work with clients and product customers;
  • participation in the Center events and free admission;
  • permanent monitoring of company growth results during the program and after
  • membership in LvBS community;
  • last week – preparation and final presentation of prototypes and teams’ worksbefore prospective investors on Demoday.

Yours studying Aim: to realize your product in 14 weeks with the help of mentors and Center for Entrepreneurship lecturers and your great team efforts.


  • 14 weeks of intensive studying;
  • priority in:

Biological developments


Автоматизація та роботизація

Improving of client Experience

Mobile, AR




Bank 1: Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Design thinking and prototyping
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Team work

Bank 2: Product

  • Technical entrepreneurship
  • Education psychology
  • Education product development
  • Product road-map
  • Marketing strategy and market entering
  • Selling

Bank 3: Entrepreneurship

  • Date analysis
  • Startup business analysis
  • Community making
  • Law and ownership
  • Finance and investments into startups
  • HR in startups

Bank 4: Mentorship and independent work

  • P2P mentorship for each team with experts in education and technology
  • general team mentorship
  • independent client work



The program is focused on teams with prior experience working together, common failures and success.

To become a resident of accelerator you need to fill in the application form and attach all additional documents listed in the form. First of all, we will consider the teams with working prototypes of education products. Also alumni and lecturers of Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Business School of UCU and team that successfully accomplished pre-acceleration program may participate.

Terms and conditions for teams:

  • Minimal number of team members is 3.
  • Teams of LvBS master’s are required to include at least one student of UCU.  
  • UCU, LvBS Alumni teams, lecturer teams should include at least one student of UCU.

Detailed participation provisions

  • Person of contact: Anna Nesterova


What is acceleration?

It is a studying program for business development from the stage of the minimally ready prototype and perhaps first customers to growing business project. It provides acceleration for product realization and mass consumption as well as professional guidance of lecturers and mentors.

What is the expected stage of your product/project?

Based on understanding of team ability to fulfill it. You should have a working product prototype which you enhance in 14 weeks. You also need to work hard to achieve this goal .

Can I be enrolled on acceleration on my own without a team or should I join one?

The program anticipates that a team applying for acceleration is already formed and ready to work on projects in the future therefore there is no possibility to join one during the program as well as to do it alone. Any startup is first of all a team.

What are the criteria of team selection?

uniqueness of project/products, understanding of what client problem is solved. Team potential for realization of project/product and its scaling. The preference is given to teams with prior common project while the process of selection.

What is the benefit for startup from acceleration participation?

Startups will receive support and resources for project/product development. The Center for Entrepreneurship provides the participants: mentor support, expertise in the sphere of education, technology and business, contact range, access to office space at Scheptytskyi Center.

Is distance education possible?

Teams are allowed to attend acceleration provided that at least 2/3 of the team is physically present and the rest of the team works on the project remotely. Remote participation is possible provided permanent member rotation in a way that all team members are physically present at least 75% of acceleration program at Center for Entrepreneurship.


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