New Venture Competition 2020. Introduction event - CfE Accelerator

New Venture Competition 2020. Introduction event

New Venture Competition is back! Next years’ competition for startups in Lviv will have a different format. It will allow the teams not only to work on their MVP for two days with our team of international mentors but also to get key knowledge about how to start and validate the ideas for a few months prior to the main event. Finally, take part in the Competition and win the main prize – business trip to the USA!

If you have a great idea or you are passionate about creating your own product, but you lack the tools and understanding of basic business processes, go ahead and register to get the information that will help you to improve your idea and, as a result, to refine your business plan and develop a business model. We want to bring together the most innovative ideas and startups that can compete on the global markets.

We invite you to visit the Introduction event, which will take place on February 29th at the Sheptytsky Center. We invite not only students but everyone interested to find a team and work on creating an innovative product for several months.

Why it will be interesting for you to visit the introduction event?
– opportunity to find like-minded people for creating a team
– at this time, you don’t necessarily need to have an idea, just an interest in making your own product
– you will learn the core program of the entire NVC course and will be admitted to the next stage, because only visitors to this event will be able to participate in the entire course and take part in the final Competition.


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Іван Петренко

Виконавчий директор CfE Accelerator та Керуючий партнер фонду Angel One

Маргарита Велебник

Операційна керівниця CfE Accelerator

Дарина Придка

Координаторка програм і подій

Олеся Опірська

Координаторка програм і подій

Валерія Фадєєнко

Бізнес-аналітикиня фонду Angel One

Софія Опацька

Проректорка зі стратегічного розвитку


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