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Summer School in Pitching


Summer School in Pitching – is a 2-week program where students can learn how to prepare and present their projects, and properly formulate information to convey it to investors, partners, etc. Participants will learn more about startups, new business models, and the necessary tools to understand how to start their own company. Cool entrepreneurs and startups will be involved, who will share their experiences and give their feedback on the participants’ ideas.


🕒 When:

June 2023

Check out “How it was in 2023” below!

How it was?

This year we had 46 participants in Summer School in Pitching!

Frankly speaking, this has become a challenge for us, because it is twice as much as last year. It was necessary to be on time everywhere and pay enough attention to each of the students.

But CfE team is never afraid of challenges!

It was interesting to work with students of different faculties and specialties and to find similarities and differences between them. It’s so cool when people are united by common goals and visions!

All participants had the opportunity to improve their pitching and presentation skills like Xzibit used to improve cars!

Everyone took something important for themselves – how to be heard, how to convey the idea correctly, and how to transform the presentation for the specific kind of audience. However, the main insight was that confidence comes with practice.

Also, the acting master class by Natalya Rybka-Parhomenko was something incredible! The students really liked this format, they opened up and felt that the body is also a tool that needs to be mastered. These emotions have become unforgettable, almost everyone wants to repeat such an experience again. What can I add here – Natalya is a truly professional in her field 🙂



Maksym: To be honest, I would like to say that I was very pleased to be a participant in this summer school, because, first of all, the society is really cool, we all became quite good friends (thanks to you). Moreover, our tasks and teachers were super cool, they give us relevant and effective advices.
Regarding the three insights that I took away from this summer school, in my opinion, the most important for me is the understanding that you don’t need to be afraid of the public, on the contrary, you need to be able to manage it and direct it in an effective direction for you. The second rather important lesson for me is the ability to present myself. This skill is fundamental and, in my opinion, very often helps to reach great heights. Finally, I would like to add that it was also quite important for me that this summer school taught me to respond quickly and effectively to tasks/thoughts, and not to be afraid to be creative and even funny.


Anastasia: I gained experience not only in public speaking but also in how to properly give feedback, I understood how it should be done. I am thrilled with how my pitching skills have improved now that I hardly ever used storytelling for presentations. Also, it was very valuable for me to learn how to properly structure a startup presentation because, in most of the courses in my program, I have to present my ideas, so now I know how to do it. Thank you, it was an amazing experience!!!


Well, we’re happy to be useful and valuable. Reading the reviews, we were once again convinced of our strengths and, of course, understood what we still need to work on, because who is perfect?

(Ryan Gosling)

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