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The UCU Center for Entrepreneurship’s acceleration program is an opportunity to work out your idea in turbo mode, understand its value proposition, get tools for its development, and turn it into a viable product.



Start of the program

October 2021


10 weeks

Share of Center for Entrepreneurship in a company



During preacceleration program we teach the students to check the liveability of their idea in market conditions, to make prototypes, test them with customers, and the most important, to sell solutions for customers’ problems.

Participants get:

  • intensive program;
  • 20 hours of mentorship;
  • opportunity for acceleration at Center for Entrepreneurship;
  • 40+ total hours of theory and practice.

Also the program helps you to form entrepreneurship logic, a way of thinking that makes it possible to launch one’s own startup in the shortest term.

On this path you will not alone, mentors of Center for Entrepreneurship work with you throughout the program, if needed or not, for all put efforts to produce visible results. Having finished the program, you have the prototype enabling you to go on the next level, a 14-weeks’ acceleration, during which you will be able to make prospective business out of the traded prototype.


Syllabus structure

  • 4 weeks of intensive studying (from 6 to 12 hours per weeks);
  • priority in technologies. Also, we pay attention to social element, though it is not necessary.
  • mentorship for each and every team and a lot of independent field work with clients and your product customers (from 12 to 30 hours per week)
  • last week is the preparation and final prototype presentation and teams’ works on Demo day.

Bank 1

  • The idea check-up and customer research. Research of market competitors.
  • How to build a startup without any coding.
  • Prototyping and work on project anticipation.
  • Marketing in startups.
  • MVP and trading. Finance and pricing.

Bank 2

  • Independent work
  • Mentorship
  • Final pitch preparation.



Requirements for Candidates

The program is student-oriented. Ukrainian Catholic University and Lviv Business School of UCU Alumni and Lecturers as well as outer teams working in these directions may participate either.

Terms and conditions for teams:

  • Minimal number of team members is 2.
  • The presence of teams on all modules (Fridays and Saturdays).

Contact person: Oksana Matiykiv 



(Українська) У вас є ідея, але немає команди? Знайдіть однодумців на нашій платформі! Центр підприємництва дає можливість крутій ідеї залучити якомога більше крутих людей. Все максимально просто: реєструйтесь на нашому сайті та заповнюйте форму, натиснувши кнопку “Додати ідею”. В обговоренні нижче ви можете напряму контактувати із зацікавленими у вашій ідеї. Let’s dream come true!


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