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About us

CfE Accelerator of Ukrainian Catholic University is an accelerator for Ukrainian startups whose mission is to develop the startup culture in Ukraine and increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian startups in the global startup ecosystem.

The CfE accelerator was created in 2018 as a separate unit of the UCU Business School called the UCU Entrepreneurship Center. Via rebranding in 2022, we changed the name to CfE Accelerator which operates as a separate structure that is part of the UCU ecosystem and corresponds to the values and global mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University. UCU Business School remains a reliable partner in the work of the accelerator.


Our mission: Shaping Ukrainian Startup Culture!


The accelerator includes more than 8 products and programs, including:

An Acceleration program that allows you to focus on your startup, rethink false theories, look at your product differently, get tools for its development, and accelerate the transformation of an idea into a viable product.

A Pre-acceleration program is a test of innovative ideas for viability and their subsequent transformation into products at an early stage with the help of simple and effective tools.

Ideas Lab is a student innovation platform that helps develop entrepreneurial thinking and try yourself as a startupper.

Meetups4Startups – informal meetings for the startup community.


During its history, the CfE accelerator UCU has united more than 170 Ukrainian startups!

The main values of the CfE accelerator UCU are:


CfE Accelerator UCU supports teams with a global mindset and those who are ready to scale. The best teams have the opportunity to go to the USA to further immerse themselves in the global startup ecosystem and gain valuable acquaintances and experience.


Graduates of the CfE Accelerator UCU make valuable acquaintances that stay with them long after the program ends.


CfE accelerator UCU is a professional high-quality training program, as well as an international network of mentors, experts, and partners who want to contribute to the realization of our mission.

🔹    In 2022, another important event for the activity of the CfE accelerator took place.
The UCU Foundation created the angel venture fund Angel One, the task of which is to invest in Ukrainian startups at the early stages, including CfE accelerator veterans.

Our mission is to guide you in launching innovative ideas. We help with acquiring the necessary knowledge, and practical skills, mentoring support, growing entrepreneurial and global mindset, finding like-minded people, and inspiring them to create your breakthrough product. It’s all for seeing more Ukrainian companies in the global market.

Our goals are:

Cultivate an entrepreneurial culture in Ukraine through educational activities, meetings, and events;

Provide professional high-quality training programs for startup ecosystem participants;

Grow an international network of mentors, experts, and partners who are willing to contribute to our mission;

Develop the Ukrainian startup ecosystem and promote its role in the global ecosystem by educating and connecting its participants.

🚀CfE accelerator’s UCU slogan is “Shaping Ukrainian startup culture” because a feature of the accelerator is the opportunity to receive investments from CfE accelerator and Angel One, as well as work with authoritative mentors and a strong community of Ukrainian startups with a global mindset.