What is going on? - CfE Accelerator

What is going on?

Deloitte Ventures? IdeasLab Batch4? “FuckUpNight”? BazaIT? What’s going on in CfE Accelerator?

Yes, we have plenty of news, so now it’s high time to show them up!

  • First, we have launched the Batch4 of student acceleration program – IdeasLab!💡 We have selected teams with the most exciting and ambitious startup ideas such as finding a solution against improperly parked cars, launching the Ukrainian art market with the possibility of online purchase and sale, and much more! The teams that have successfully passed the first stage, are now actively working on the validation of their hypothesis and preparation for Pitch Day 2! The best startup projects will be granted 60,000 UAH for further improvements. The rest of the teams will continue their studies at IdeasLab with another chance to get another grant. So soon, we will introduce you to the innovative startups of IdeasLab Batch 4. 😉

  • We hold Meetups4Startups meetings on highly relevant topics for startups and their founders every month. The topic of October ’23 – “FuckUp Night” 🤩. To make it less challenging to openly discuss the mistakes among other successful entrepreneurs, together with BazaIT, we are launching a meetup where our guests will share their stories of failures! Additionally, the highly experienced speakers who know the recipes of successful projects and how to handle the mistakes will share their bitter-sweet but invaluable experience too! 🤭
  • In cooperation with CfE Accelerator, and Deloitte Ventures UK they have launched a series of online workshops, “Connecting the Dots”😎. This course is targeted at determined Ukrainian scale-ups planning to enter the international market, mainly UK🇬🇧 . After completing the program, participants will know more about building partnerships with corporate clients, fundraising on international markets, adapting products to local user needs, and much more!

Stay tuned and ensure you get all the updates about the possibilities that can bring your startup to a new level 😉🚀