Why participation in the Accelerator is always a win-win situation? - CfE Accelerator

Why participation in the Accelerator is always a win-win situation?


What do CfE Accelerator program participants get?

The most valuable thing that our participants could get is experience, knowledge, networking, and support. This is something that stays with our alumni forever!

Not every startup “fires” and has a viable idea, however, precisely because of gaining this kind of experience, delving into its “failures” and weaknesses, the probability that the next startup will become successful increases. We are convinced that each of our participants will succeed in their niche to their liking because it is only a matter of time, desire, and hard work. And we saw what our teams are capable of.

We decided to collect feedback from some of our alumni whose startups are not active right now (yet 🙂 and want to share them with you:


Oleksandr from ЇЖАк team about ideasLab program:

🗨«IdeasLab is probably the most useful and hands-on entrepreneurship training program I have ever participated in.
First, I received an almost step-by-step guide to developing my start-up. When I first started working on the idea, I didn’t know what to do. Create pages in social networks? Draw a logo? Who to talk to? Where to look for money? Instead, the accelerator helped my team to focus on the most important process—identifying the specific problems that our product would solve, assessing the relevance of those problems to the target audience, and determining the relevance of our solution.
Secondly, on the program, I had the opportunity to talk with many cool entrepreneurs. It was very valuable to get feedback about my idea, tips on what to pay special attention to, or useful contacts from people who have experience in creating successful companies.
Third, it’s great for networking. IdeasLab members are proactive innovators who want to change the world. So this program is a good way to find people who you can then create new cool projects with.»


Ksenia from Moment team about ideasLab program: 

🗨 «We participated in ideasLab in 2021. Entered the program without a deep base or knowledge of the direction of the startup industry in general. We did not regret it. Highly recommend it to everyone. Why should:

  1. Very high-quality theoretical and practical base;
  2. Invited lecturers with extensive practical experience;
  3. Formation of a social capital fire;
  4. Finally, the program is a long-term perspective. The case is with us: we finished the program more than a year ago, but we are still in touch with both the program participants and the organizers. On the connection in terms of advice/recommendations or finding the right people/sources/etc. The project can take turns in many different ways, but the basis is the same – we know who to turn to when the need arises. And we are sure that we will receive quality help. To enter the field of innovation, ideasLab is what you need.»


Hanna from Kloobok.co team about the Acceleration program:

«🗨 Regarding the program, it exceeded my and Bohdan’s expectations. I will say right away that it was quite difficult from time to time because we work full-time and I also volunteer for the Armed Forces, but we constantly found time to do homework, so we did well. I want to study at the next program and we have a goal to launch an MVP by then and figure out the business model.

What else can I say – you have selected very cool and inspiring speakers, I was personally impressed when several mentors offered us help, so I plan to use it too and write to everyone who showed interest in our product.

All this time I was constantly sharing my thoughts about the program with my friends, and everyone was excited that we have such opportunities in Lviv, so I think that new startups will come to you for the program from me.

And I also dream that one day my startups will succeed, and I will also be able to help people like me because my big dream is to be able to invest in cool ideas. But these dreams are also happening thanks to the program and speakers because even last year I was just writing down my thoughts and ideas, and this year I am already several steps closer to realization, so I am incredibly inspired and happy.» 


Therefore, we invite to our programs all enterprising startuppers who are burning with their ideas and are ready to process a large amount of information. For our part, we guarantee cool networking, quality knowledge, new opportunities, and a lot of feedback!

See you!