Go global! 2 teams from our Acceleration Program go on Exploring Israeli Ecosystem Tour - CfE Accelerator

Go global! 2 teams from our Acceleration Program go on Exploring Israeli Ecosystem Tour

LearningPath.io and Career Navigator – graduates of our first Acceleration Program –  supported by the Israeli Ukrainian Alliance, Center for Entrepreneurship UCU and Lviv Business School were given an opportunity to go on an educational tour to Israel. They will have important meetings with potential investors for their startups and familiarity with the ecosystem of startups in Israel. Also, they will take part in the Must-Attend Event for the Global Startup Ecosystem – OurCrowd Conference.

Today Israel is a home for more than 7500 startups, 260 Israeli venture capital funds, 100 international venture funds and 330 R&D centers. Israel has a leading position globally, such as: 1st place for innovation potential, level of entrepreneurship development and availability of venture transactions; 2nd place for startup ecosystem (after USA); 9th place for investors protection and much more to learn.

The Goals of Exploration Tour:

Deeper insight into the vibrant ecosystem of  Israeli Hi-Tech and other industries.
Find the hottest technologies, customized solutions and innovative ideas in management, business development, and HR.
Meet and share the experience with like-minded people.
Join Israeli-Ukrainian community of business leaders
Explore business opportunities
Learn from existing cases

“We want our teams to think globally, so give them the opportunity to learn and pick the best experience, and Israel now ranks first in innovation potential, so it’s a great opportunity for our teams”, – said Ivan Petrenko, Executive Director at Сenter for Entrepreneurship.  

“I want to visit OurCrowd Global Investor Summit to look at pitching and global trends, find new contacts and to meet investors, foundations, business angels, and get more information about them and their condition”, – said Taras Gakavchyn, co-founder at LearningPath.io.