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Think Big Online Boot Camps Results: Developing Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem

30 workshops, 110 applications from 8 cities of Ukraine, 39 selected startups ready to conquer global markets, and mentors from Silicon Valley: it’s all about our Think Big Online Boot Camps. 

This year Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE UCU) in partnership with the US Market Access Center (USMAC) and with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine organized three 7 days-long boot camps with mentors, serial entrepreneurs, and representatives of leading US VCs and Accelerators.

The program was designed to improve the communication and presentation skills of participants, increase understanding of the US market needs, provide them with a view on their business model through the prism of Silicon Valley practitioners as well as develop new capacities for entering global markets.

All  39 startups had the opportunity to meet in person with the representatives of USMAC, Pegasus Tech Ventures, 500 Startups, Alchemist Accelerator, and more; receive personalized feedback on their startups, their value proposition, market opportunities, and learn the business and cultural specifics of entering global markets.

The success of the program and its benefit is proved with participants feedback:

“It was very helpful to gain an understanding of how it all works in the US and receive contacts from San Francisco. I understood the power of LinkedIn.” – Pavlo German, WheelKeep.

“Very useful material that helped to understand how to build messages for potential investors, and most importantly – customers. Thanks to the contact details provided by mentors, I found a lot of necessary information.” – Anna Serdiuk, Arina Software.

“I enjoyed easy communication on the topic of startups and investment with representatives of the Silicon Valley. It helped a lot to create a pitch sharpened for such communication in future.” – Ivan Iasynskyi, Ophtas.

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