UCU in Phase I - CfE Accelerator

UCU in Phase I

UCU CfE joined Network IQ Alliance in September 2022 and now we are happy to inform everybody that we successfully finished Pilot Phase І! To be honest, it was kind of intense work but we are here to become stronger 🙂

We didn’t know what to expect in this journey, but we got a great opportunity to build a foundation for fruitful partnerships with other participants. We have been learning about the possibilities that this methodology opens ahead of education systems and must say – it is impressive. 


As an example, three of our co-workers finished the Train-the-Trainer program. For 4 months, Marharyta Velebnyk, Natalya Reshetova, and Ivan Petrenko were active participants in this program. They listened to several blocks of lectures and then tried to engage the new knowledge in actual experience. They had been taught how to present themselves like separate personalities and like team members too. During mentor sessions, they learned a lot about how to increase a new methodology for the larger circle of entrepreneurs. The participants who finished all the tasks and passed exams got a certificate proving their new networking competency. 


We asked Margarita about her review of the program:


  • I recently had the opportunity to participate in the November Edition of the Network IQ Train-The-Trainer program and it was truly an enriching and transformative learning experience. The program was designed to help participants understand the Network Intelligence instrument and its application in areas related to management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It was expertly crafted, providing a deep dive into the 7 skills that make up Network IQ and how they can be used to grow digital networks. The facilitators were knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, providing hands-on learning experiences that helped bring the concepts to life. 

One of the most impactful aspects of the program was the opportunity to coach others, facilitate self-discovery learning, and motivate action. This provided valuable insight into how we can help others grow their digital networks and provided practical skills that can be applied immediately. My experience with the Network IQ TTT program was exceptional and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate.


It is only a small part of what is going on in the program! We would like to share more with you, but everything happening faster than we can describe 🙂

We are planning to be active in Phase ІІ as well and are excited about the new promising tasks. Thanks to all our partners who make this program the way it is!