IVAP Workshop - CfE Accelerator

IVAP Workshop

I would like to tell you about the HEI Initiative 2023 Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) workshop of the EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Workshop was held in Prague on May 31. La Salle, Medical University of Lodz, and Ukrainian Catholic University represented the Network IQ Alliance – Cohort 2 project. 


We were honored to be there and meet all the participants. One of the most important things that we got – new connections from all over Europe! It was so exciting to find out about new projects, and how they trying to improve their educational system and encourage entrepreneurs to grow. 


There was plannery discussion with speakers who leads in their fields. Great opportunity to ask them some questions. I was happy to get some advice that I’m definitely gonna use in my professional life. Also, we had a Knowledge Triangle interactive where we tried to solve the common problems that we have in our education-entrepreneurial system. Must say, the results were much worse than we though! 


However, that was an inspiring experience for all of us. On the second day, we had posters presentation and there we had a chance to know more details about each of the projects. I personally found several of them that I would like to learn more about. 

The Workshop was a great chance to challenge me for networking skills. Also, I started thinking about innovation in a brand-new way. So, we have a lot to do now!