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About EdTech project of Hackathon winners

HackED Hackathon united 90 participants out of 14 cities willing to change education with the help of technologies. Were they successful? We tell you about winners’ experience, Crazy Educators team from Odessa!

Almost all team work at Impact Hub Odessa center for social innovation. Two of us are still students, three are recent graduates. At Hackathon they met Dima, the developer, working at Lviv IT-company and together create a platform, a constructor of innovative lessons Your Lesson.


What is this idea about? What problem does it solve?


Idea of platform occurred as result of work with teachers. The team of Education Changes Laboratory conducts trainings for teachers on the base of Impact Hub Odessa and other cities of Ukraine, where teachers find out about modern and innovative methods, which enhance student competences put into the concepts of New Ukrainian School. Though often when teachers return to their schools only a part of them conducts their lessons using new methods. After the survey it appeared that teachers lack specific instruments explaining what they should do at lessons step by step.


Your Lesson is exactly that instrument allowing an ordinary teacher to start using innovative and not formal education methods just after the training. This platform will help to design the lesson plan where ready-made activities and games with clear explanations how to arrange this at lessons. In future this development will become a big base with various kinds of activities not only for teachers, but also for all interested in education. Here you will find team and education games for children and material for adults conducting trainings.

Team of Education Changes in Odessa.


How does it work?


For example, teacher of Ukrainian language plans a lesson for 11th grade. She-He enters the platform, picks his/her class as well as technical references, which are at class. (Internet, projector, computer, interactive board, or regular board) Analysing the data, the system makes a plan suitable for conducting a lesson. The system offers a lesson with usage of mixed studying or with team work, debates and project approach. The Teacher edits it as necessary, downloads and prints.


After the use it is possible to leave complaints or suggestions in commentaries as well as share the activity with an author and make a lesson. Downloaded by Teacher document experience modernization and after that will be available for others. This way teachers will be able to use the site as a platform with two options, create the lesson plan and share your works with others. It will be simple, an explanation follows each action for everybody to understand it. The team plans to offer this instrument to their teacher community, education partners and private schools. Also they will introduce it at the biggest conference for teachers, EdCamp, held in July.


We will continue telling you about the success of Crazy Educators throughout their acceleration at the Center for Entrepreneurship. And while the team works we offer you to invest in the future of this and many other EdTech developments, enhancing by the Center for entrepreneurship – http://bit.ly/support_CFE