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How the startup ecosystem changes mindset

This week I had a meeting with Denys Haydamaka, the CTO of the Sugarrr startup. During the conversation about their project, we touched on an interesting topic: how the mindset of Denys, a person who is used to dealing with the technical side and constantly coding, changed when he encountered the startup sphere.


Denys created the “Is it?” application, which aims to make it possible to find out in two clicks whether there is electricity at home or not. Since Ukrainians faced the difficult challenge of turning off electricity due to russian rocket shelling, Denys decided to help people using such a tool as…good neighborliness! Let me say ahead of time, it worked 🙂


“I began to notice new ideas everywhere, which I evaluated and already understood: oh, this could turn into a startup. If it wasn’t for the experience with Sugarrr, I wouldn’t have dared to create something. But now I have a comprehensive view of startups and I get ideas even from everyday things.

When I was at home and my neighbor once again wrote to me asking if there was electricity in the building – I thought that this is now a problem for many people, because it has become much more difficult to plan the execution of even elementary household things. My application gained more than 20 thousand active users who shared information about when the power supply appeared and disappeared.

I’m inspired by things like that, and even though the app isn’t as relevant now because the electricity supply has improved, I’m very glad that it made life easier for many people in its time.”


Denys’s example perfectly describes the inevitable process that occurs with people who have delved into the startup system. Mindset is changing so much that people really notice the ideas in everything and can evaluate them for viability and necessity. The brain begins to work in a new direction and sees what others do not see.

Therefore, we encourage you to come to the CfE Accelerator even if you and your team just have an idea that you can see evolving. We promise that it will be interesting and fun 🙂