How the first week of ideasLab did go? - CfE Accelerator

How the first week of ideasLab did go?

So, the first week of studying at ideasLab is over. We have already gotten to know the teams and their ideas better and are ready for fruitful work!


Considering the fact that we have participants from different Ukrainian universities, our meetings are held online and only 4 teams join offline, as they are located in Lviv. Of course, we want to somehow gather all the participants here on-site 🙂


The Initial Market Validation module will continue for another two weeks, ending on March 24 at Pitch Day. Although the teams are already actively working on preparation.
Meanwhile, Olesya and Marharyta, as coordinators of the program, are in constant communication with the teams and it is so interesting to see how happy they are when the participants ask questions and approach homework with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Already next week, the participants will demonstrate the results of the interviews they have to carry out in order to validate the problem and customer segmentation, as well as consider the next steps. In addition, the teams will work with competitive analysis and determine competitive advantage. It’s going to be interesting, so look forward to the second week!


Each set of programs is unique and especially memorable, so it is already interesting what associative series will form about Batch 3 🙂